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Welcome to our growing Community!

We're building a community of inclusion, mentorship, and self-care around the things we love: tech, travel, and remote work.

We've worked hard on creating an online space where you can learn in a supportive environment, while staying on track with your career and travel goals.

If there is anyway we can support you, please let us know! Our Community Director, Hannah, and book club leader Donia, are always around to answer any community questions you might have.


When you join, pop into one of these channels and say hello! Here are some quick prompts to help you get started:



  • What are some cool, useful, and unique things you learned at work this week?


  • What are some of your goals and how can we support them in reaching them?


  • We save this space for free coding classes and workshops. What would you like to learn?



  • What is the one place you'd work from for 1 month if your boss let you?


  • What would you like to hear on our podcast next? Would you like to be a guest?


  • Why do you want to practice?

Remote Work


  • Who would you like to see host an AMA for SheNomads?


  • How do you maintain self-care when working from home?


  • What was the last conference you went to, and how did you work from that location?



  • What advice do you have for aspiring designers?


  • What OpenSource projects are you interested in joining?


  • What was your most recent interview like? How did you slay it?



  • What is your night routine like? What do you do to wind down after a long day at work?


  • What was the last book you read?


  • What would you like to discuss in our accountability group?

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