with Brian Swichkow ( aka Mr. 👻 )

Are you looking to...

  • Amplify the revenue of your e-commerce store?
  • Develop an engaged social audience you can leverage?
  • Bypass standard practices and effectively growth hack?
  • Scale your brand/business by maximizing your efficiency?

Ghost Influence is your catalyst for growth.


You (or your team) ask questions, I (along with our gaggle of highly specialized experts) answer them objectively and/or direct you to actionable resources that are designed to drive measurable growth.


  • 10+ Platform-Specific Channels: Facebook advertising strategies that have converted $15M sales, Instagram influencer strategies that landed $650K in free marketing, etc. etc.
  • 10+ Topic-Specific Channels: Media outreach techniques that develop press without hiring an agency, contractor hiring and training processes that radically alleviate scaling pains, etc. etc.
  • 25+ Expert Advisors: Develop informed perspectives with insights from founders driving $10M+ in revenue, marketers developing 22M person audiences, and many others.
  • 24-Hour Responsiveness: Get objective, unbiased insights from specialized consultants and experienced executioners before you invest time and money into new initiatives.
  • 7 Day Free Trial: Most of our expert advisors charge upwards of $300 per hour, but (after your trial) you'll get access to their wealth of experience and insight for just $97 per month.


  • On-Demand, Chat Based Experts: Get all the benefits of hiring an army of expert consultants and experienced mentors without the barrage of astronomical invoices they'd bill for their time.
  • Access 600+ Wiki Resources: Leverage our interconnected library of data-rich case studies, process amplifying utilities, candid founder interviews, industry perspectives, etc. etc.
  • Networking With Peers: Connect with Founders and C-Levels that have developed $10M+ annual net revenue, exited by acquisition to competitors on investment firms, etc. etc.

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