Create beautiful invite pages for Slack in seconds.

SlackPass let's you create paid communities, paid private channels and free invite pages. Totally free.

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1. Create a paid channel, paid group, or free group with our simple system.

Slack isn't just replacing email for teams, it's creating a more engaging and personal space for communities.

2. Share the channel or group through existing social media. lets you quickly create paid channels for premium services. How you structure pricing and payments is entirely up to you. Want to create paid access to a group, or just a invite page for your free group? We do that too.

3. We handle the rest.

We do everything so that you have more time to create content and interact with your community. SlackPass generates a custom invite page for you, handles invites, payment processing and tracks your earnings. Income is deposited directly into your bank account every Friday.

Slack communities enable deeper and more meaningful communication than Facebook groups and forums. Paid Slack groups and channels are becoming a powerful way of creating sustainable communities online.

Brian Swichkow (Ghost Influence)

Plans and Pricing


3 Paid Channels
1 Slack Team




1 Paid Channel
1 Slack Team



Unlimited Channels
5 Slack Teams



* a service fee of 15% is withheld on each member signup. This covers payment processing and development costs. If you already have a large community or have questions about pricing, let's chat

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